Our troupe would like to recommend to you our mixed programmes, like operettas, gala programmes, musical or other arrangements.
With our suggestions you can make your events more colourful.

We assume responsibility for our coming out not just in Budapest but also in the countryside and in abroad. In our repertory you can find songs from the most famous operettas of Kalman, Strauss, Huszka, Abraham, Jacobi, ect...


In unserem Repertoire ertönen die berühmtesten Lieder aus den Operetten von Emmerich Kalman, Franz Lehar, J.Strauss, J.Huszka, P.Abraham ect...

For your request we perform complete operettas or just mixture of them. You can choose from:

Imre Kálmán

Jenő Huszka
Viktor Jacobi
Ferenc Lehar
J. Strauss

- Csárdáskirálynő
- Marica grófnő
- Cirkuszhercegnő

- Lili bárónő
- Sybill
- Mosoly országa
- Denevér

We are available:

Éva Tóth
Mobil: +36-30-982-5543
Győző Leblanc
Mobil: +36-30-960-9661
Tel./fax: +36-1-207-1812
E-mail: totheva@operettworld.hu
1225 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 249.